Fettuccine Alfredo Out Of A Wheel Of Parmigiano

"FETTUCCINE ALFREDO" out of a "Wheel of Parmigiano"





·       8 oz. freshly grated Reggiano Parmigiano

·       4 oz. salted butter (cut into pieces)

·       2 oz. heavy cream

·       Pinch of nutmeg

·       Several grinds of fresh pepper from mill

·       1 lb. fettuccine - par-cooked, al dente





·       Freshly grate Reggiano Parmigiano

·       Par-cook fettuccine al dente & reserve

·       Slowly melt butter in sauté pan

·       Work in heavy cream

·       Add pinch of nutmeg

·       When mixture is reducing and just beginning to simmer, toss in fettuccine

·       When all fettuccine are lightly coated, add mixture to the reggiano, tossing thoroughly

·       Serve immediately

·       Grind fresh black pepper on each serving

·       Buon Appetito!