Numbness and Chiropractic

Numbness and Chiropractic
Everyone has experienced what if feels like when a foot "falls asleep". Usually this is from pressure, for example, caused when you sit on your foot, temporarily cutting off the blood supply to nerves. This odd lack of sensation is followed by a tingling, often painful, "pins and needles" feeling when your foot starts to "wake up".
Aside from this common experience, numbness, or lack of sensation in any part of your body is a sure sign that something is wrong. Most often, it means that nerves carrying messages to and from your brain to that part of your body are not working properly. Usually, this is because some stress or pressure exerted on the nerve interrupts the flow of neural messages.
In addition, some diseases such as diabetes, circulatory disorders, muscular schlerosis, and Parkinson's can produce symptoms of numbness. It is also associated with stroke, reaction to prescription drugs, heavy metal toxicity, calcium imbalance, and even panic attacks. That's why it's important, when investigating any symptoms of numbness, first to rule out any medical conditions which may be a cause.
Imagine a garden hose as a nerve and the water flowing through the hose as nerve impulses. When the hose is laid out straight without any kinks, water flows freely. If on the other hand we kink the hose, water flow is reduced or even stops. If this condition persists, eventually, the hose becomes damaged.
Like removing the kink from the hose, a spinal adjustment can ease pressure on a nerve, allowing nerve impulses to flow and relieving your symptoms of pain or numbness.
Because chiropractic treats the underlying causes of problems rather than just relieving symptoms, your body's own natural healing processes work for you. The chiropractic approach to better health is to find and help correct interferences to your body's own natural state of good health. The course of treatment recommended by your Doctor of Chiropractic will depend on the nature and severity of your problem.