Police Still Looking For Information In Hyde Park Murder

A murder mystery in a neighborhood where you least expect it.

Almost two days after the someone killed a 28-year-old man, Police are still searching for the person who shot him in the parking lot of a popular Hyde Park sports bar.  The problem that is bugging authorities, is the lack of witnesses who saw anything about the crime.

The victim's family is asking anyone who might know anything about who killed stock trader Robby Pursley to step forward and help police with their information.

All that police know is that Pursley, who was from Blue Ash, was shot near his car.  Witnesses say that they saw a silver colored compact car leaving the parking lot moments later.  Police are asking anyone who was in the car to talk to them about what they might have seen.

A source with Mulligan's tells FOX19 News that Pursley was not a regular there and had not been inside the bar that night.

Employees first knew of the shooting when two female customers came running into the establishment telling workers to call 911.

The restaurant believes that this was a crime of passion that could've occured anywhere.

"Having people get murdered in Hyde Park is unusual, and whenever you have that, it's something we worry about," said neighborhood president Norm Lewis of one of the city's neighborhoods.  Lewis added that he hopes that what happened was not a random crime.  This is the second serious crime within the past two weeks on that block of Edwards Road.

The employees of a LaRosa's location right across the street from the bar were the victims of an armed robbery the week before.  That crime was called random by Cincinnati Police.

"I think that's a little scarier at this point because we know that the target was a Hyde Park institution," Lewis said of the two crimes.  

The family of Pursley, who just began a new job, hopes that someone will come forward soon and help police with information with what they call this terrible crime.

Report by: Chris Shaw

For the Web: Cliff Jenkins