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FOX19 Educational/Informational Programming

Whenever you see the E/I symbol on Children's Programming it indicates the program you are watching is part of FOX19's commitment to offer viewers educational and informative programming.  For more information about FOX19's E/I programming, you can choose the programming page, or contact Rick Oliver, our Operations Manager at 513-562-2405 or at  A complete list is included in our public file, available for viewing during our regular business hours.

The following programming air on WXIX's Main Channel (19.1)

Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller – Friday night/Saturday morning, 4:30-5:00AM (Target Audience – Teens 13-16)

In each episode of this show, cameras follow the host Jarod Miller, as he explores the land, sea and air and the great variety of animals which can be found in these many habitats.

Animal Atlas – Saturday, 7:00-7:30AM (Target Audience – Teens 13-16)

This program explores the world of animal wildlife, promoting a better understanding of how various animal species live and what they need to survive.  With an entertaining narrative, the series combines focused examinations of certain topics such as ‘Animal Appetites' (which explores the various diets of animals along with information about how animals catch and eat their food, how diets determine their lifestyle, etc.), ‘Animal antics' (a hilarious look at the crazy physical antics and talents of certain species), ‘Animal Babies' (an intimate look at babies of various species, how they are born and how they are raised), along with shows that focus solely on particular animals such as elephants, bears and monkeys, showing how they live, what they eat, how they raise their young, and what threatens or supports their survival.  Animal Atlas also promotes responsibility toward wildlife issues and conservation.

 Jack Hanna's Into the Wild – Saturday, 7:30-8:00AM (Target Audience – Teens 13-16)

In this program, wildlife expert Jack Hanna and his family explore a variety of wild locations, hosted by regional guides.  The shows explore the wildlife, environmental and conservation issues relevant to each area.

On The Spot - Sunday, 7:00-7:30AM (Target Audience - Teens 13-16)

Can you answer questions ON THE SPOT?  The host, comedian Eric Schwartz, hits the streets to present everyday people with trivia questions that they should probably know the answers to. But do they?  The questions come from the categories of science, math, English, history, art, geography, sports, culture, technology, food, health, politics, and more. After each question, Eric reveals the right answer with an entertaining explanation. On the Spot is a fun, fast paced, man-on-the-street adventure for viewers of all ages.  On the Spot! Laugh a little. Learn a lot!

Whaddyado? – Sunday, 7:30-8AM (Target Audience – Teens 13-16)

This show is designed to educate, inform and inspire teens.  Using dramatic reenactment and interviews with participants and experts, the show chronicles real life stories of ordinary teens who found themselves in perilous and challenging situations.  The show explores why and how these young people made the right decisions.  Each show also engages the audience with a ‘moral dilemma' segment, intended to prepare young people to handle difficult situations and make the right choices.

Family Style with Chef Jeff - Sunday, 11-11:30AM (Target Audience - Teens 13-16)

Family Style with Chef Jeff is an educational and informative half hour that teaches viewers ages 13-16 how making the right choices in the kitchen can lead to life-changing experiences for the entire family.  Each episode features interesting and valuable health and nutrition information, including nutrition quizzes, health tips and Chef Jeff's positive reinforcement.  The goal of the series is to help young viewers make well-informed choices about their eating habits and health.

Coolest Places on Earth - Sunday, 11:30A-12:00PM (Target Audience - Teens 13-16)

The Coolest Places on Earth is an educational and informative half hour that take young viewers ages 13-16 on a journey of discovery to the most astonishing places on the planet – cities, festivals, landmarks and jaw-dropping works of nature – exploring each location's history and culture.  Each episode showcases three locations and delivers fast-paced, engaging information that's a perfect match for the 21st century learner.  The goal of the series is to provide young viewers with the inspiration and information to better understand and appreciate the culturally and geographically diverse world around them.


The following programming airs on WXIX's Multicast Channel - Bounce TV (19.2)

Culture Click - Saturday, 10:00-10:30AM (Target Audience - Teens 13-16)

Culture Click is a weekly half-hour series that explores the relationship between cultural events and every-day life. Developed and produced for viewers aged 13-16, Culture Click analyzes topics that are trending on the internet and provides insight and perspective on issues that shape our society.

Animal Atlas - Saturday, 10:30-11:00AM and 11:00-11:30AM (Target Audience - Teens 13-16)

Animal Atlas travels the globe to introduce viewers to every kind of animal imaginable, from the familiar to the astounding.  Learn about their lives, their history, and the adaptations that allow them to survive and thrive.

Safari Tracks - Saturday, 11:30AM-12:00PM (Target Audience - Teens 13-16)

Safari Tracks focuses on African wildlife and explores the magnificent and mysterious world of these animals, all in their natural habitats.  Each week, the show explores the African continent – from the brush lands of the savanna to the great Okavango delta.

Teen Kids News - Sunday, 10-10:30AM & 10:30-11AM (Target Audience - Teens 13-16)

Teen Kids News is an award-winning television news show for kids.  The show highlights positive stories about kids doing amazing things and helping to make the world a better place.  Additionally, the TKN reporters examine everything that is fun or interesting or important about our world.

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