Teenager Raped At Knifepoint

A 21-year-old man was arrested last night in connection with rape of a 15-year-old girl.

Police say Mario Gomez of Oxford forced a fifteen year old girl into a back bedroom and forcibly sexually assualted her at a home at 5201 College Corner Pike in Oxford.

Gomez was arrested and is awaiting arraignment in the Butler County jail. .

Although this crime was not against a Miami University student, this is the latest in a series of harrowing crimes that are plaguing the Oxford area.  The normally sleepy town has had a series of events in the last two weeks.

  • On January 9th, a Miami University student was raped when a male wearing a ski mask entered through an unlocked door and into the students bedroom.  The student says the suspect removed his mask during the rape.  A sketch is expected to be released from Oxford Police of the suspect.
  • Two days later a suspect walked into a male student's apartment through an unlocked door.  This suspect too was armed with a gun.  When the student confronted the invader he fled without incident.
  • Two days after that, on January 13th, another male Miami student Ryan Coli was kidnapped while walking home from an Oxford bar.  Coli was beaten, robbed and left on a rural Indiana road.  Coli survived his injuries and his accused abductors are now in a Butler County jail.
  • Five days ago a suspect tried to break into a student's apartment at the University Commoms Apartment Complex north of downtown Oxford.  The female student was able to slam the door on the suspect preventing his entry.  The student's apartment is wired with a panic button alarm system but she didn't use it.  She injured her hand in the confrontation.

The Butler County Sheriff's Department is now assisting in patrols of the Oxford area.  The Sheriff's Department isn't giving details of the number or frequency of patrols but they hope that it curbs the recent surge in violence.

Report by: Cliff Jenkins