Tri-State Shooting Leaves Man Dead

Police aren't saying much about a Tri-State shooting that left one man dead.

It happened early Saturday evening in the 250th block of East Robbins Avenue in Covington.

The victim, who's identity is not being released, was driving his van, near the Robbins Street Christian Church, when he was shot, fatally. Presumably, after the victim he was shot, he lost control of his vehicle, hit another car, and then came to a rest in a gas pumping station.

One person was taken into police custody at the scene of the crime for questioning, but at this time no one has been charged with the shooting. "It's a shame all this stuff is going on, innocent people getting hurt, people's property and stuff -- the community needs to get together and speak.

This needs to stop," Victor Elmer, a witness to the crime, told FOX19 News. As Covington Police continue to investigate this deadly shooting, FOX19 crew are staying on top of the latest developments.

FOX19 News will have the latest developments as information becomes available.

Report by: Kerry Charles