Rich Weighs In

My weight has been a challenge for me ever since I was a child and remember wearing clothes for "husky" children and being teased about my weight by other children…even my own siblings.

From the adults I was always told that I was a growing boy, and my large Italian family was fond of food, so there was always plenty to eat.

It wasn't until college that I lost weight, mainly because I couldn't afford to eat on a regular basis. However, as soon as I graduated and started working, the weight came back. I am certainly not obese, and never have been, but I have nearly always been 15 to 25 pounds over than my ideal weight.

In the past year or so I climbed to nearly 30 pounds over where I want to be on the scale, and it's affecting my life in ways that are annoying and at times frustrating…getting very tired after a round of golf for example. Furthermore, as I head through my 40s I am facing the challenges of a lifestyle with less activity and more time sitting, whether in my home office or at work. Running errands and raising children leaves little time for proper diet and exercise, or at least that was my excuse until recently.

I decided that enough was enough and I that needed to attack this problem from all sides, with diet and exercise and the support of family and friends. It won't be easy to lose 30 pounds, but the end result will benefit me for the rest of my life.

To overcome a problem I have had since childhood would be amazing!

-Rich :-)

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