Postmaster Offers Grief To Affected Families

(GOLETA, Calif.) -- Counselors are being made available to families and workers at a postal facility in California that was the scene of a deadly shooting overnight.

That word comes from Postmaster General John Potter, who's offering sympathy for families of the victims of last night's shootings.

Officials say a woman who was a former postal worker killed six people and wounded another at the mail-processing plant before killing herself. The wounded woman is in critical condition at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

A worker tells local TV he heard "something that sounded like a pop" and then a bit later "another pop, pop, pop." Charles Kronick says his boss ran over and told him to get out, and he adds, "We all hightailed it out real quick."

Investigators haven't established a motive yet or said how many guns the shooter used.

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