Jack Weighs In Week 1

Aaaand... They're off! The pounds, that is.

Not all of them yet. After all, I've got a ton to take off. When Rich and I first weighed ourselves in early January I clocked in at a completely irresponsible, not to mention unsightly, 269!

However, I will share with diary readers something that viewers won't learn until next week: I have already taken off more than 20 pounds!


Dr. Pratha Atluri of the Medical Weight Management Center in Montgomery is supervising. After running a battery of tests (blood work, EKG, etc.) to make sure I was fit enough for diet boot camp, she put me on an essentially liquid diet. I drink 4-6 sugar-free, protein and other nutrient-packed shakes every day. Dinner consists of a small portion of low-fat meat (usually chicken or fish) with a green vegetable. Also, constant slurping of water throughout the day. Dr. Atluri was also go ing to give me an appetite suppressant, but so far I haven't needed it.

Just as important, I'm exercising three days a week at Club Champions in Landen and working out every day on a Nordic Track in my home. The idea is to mix cardio with repeated sets of weight lifting -- light weights , at least 14 repetitions.

I did fall off the wagon last weekend, having some pizza. But then I flogged myself at the gym and got on the straight and -- hopefully -- narrow!

Keep pulling for me, and let us know how you're doing .