Rich Weighs In Week 2

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am!

It's just the beginning and there is a long way to go, but things are moving along very well and I am amazed at my success so far.

I have dropped 12 pounds in three weeks, and I feel better, my clothes are getting looser, and my face is showing the weight loss. In fact, I noticed that my watch is sliding around my wrist too easily, so I need to re-adjust the band. I have to say again that this is a team effort, and without support from family, friends and co-workers, it wouldn't be nearly as easy as it has been.

The big change for me in the past week has been my diet. Remember that when you say "diet", it doesn't just mean South Beach, Atkins, etc. Diet refers to your daily eating habits, and mine have changed dramatically. The main change, and one you can all do in your daily lives, has been calorie counting. It's easy since just about everything (including fast food) has nutrition labels. In the case of fast food, just ask the person at the counter for a nutrition chart. Even when you're counting calories you can enjoy some fast food. My goal has been to keep it under 1500 calories per day…and I have done that easily, but with regular foods.

Fewer carbohydrates are an important step. I would easily take in 3000 calories per day in the past, but by eating more fruits and veggies, as well as being a little creative with meals, I am enjoying feeling full while eating much less. This past Sunday I had pancakes and sausages with maple syrup, and the meal came in around 700 calories. A big salad with fruit for dinner was about 500 calories. By cutting out snacks, or reducing them to healthy, non-carbs, I came in under 1300 calories for Sunday.

The beauty of calorie counting is that all you need to do is burn more calories than you take in and you will lose weight…it's that simple. Did you know that celery is one of the few food items that require more energy for your body to digest than you actually get from it? That means it's a negative calorie food. I am not a fan of celery, but I have learned to like it. By the way, in just an average day many people will burn between 1200 and 2000 calories. It is called the Basal Metabolic Rate, and you can learn more about it at this web site: . This web site has a great calculator for computing your own rate: . In my case, I burn about 2000 calories if I just lay around all day, so exercising is a real bonus on top of the better diet. You can do it, and I will try to help along the way.

Also, I will be talking more about this on WCKY, 1530-AM, on Saturday, February 11 th at 8 AM with Mary Beth Knight. I will be in the studio with her on her show, The Fit Revolution.

I will be checking in with her each Saturday after that, and her show will move to 10 AM, so aside from The Ten O'Clock News and our web site, you can get more great health tips each Saturday morning.