Suspect Arrested In Model Home Attack

Investigators say the attacker with "the bright blue eyes," is behind bars.

Thursday evening they arrested 42-year-old David Hopper and charged him in the sexual assault and robbery of two women in a Ryan Homes model home in Franklin Township Saturday afternoon.

The break in the case came when investigators got a phone call from a pawn shop in Newport Thursday afternoon. The caller had seen media reports of the attack, and pictures of two rings that were stolen from the women.

"They had seen the rings there," Warren County Sheriff Tom Ariss says. "They said they had the rings we were looking for."

Ariss says Hopper left his real name and real address with the pawn shop. That made it real easy for investigators to track him down.

But investigators have more than just the ring. They say Hopper has a bite mark on one of his arms, one victim says she bit her attacker. The women also described him as having bright blue eyes, and one lazy eye. Ariss says Hopper fits that description too.

"He's an animal," Ariss says. "Even though he's a caged animal now, he's giving you that look here...that I'm had. I've been caught."

Neighbors tell Fox 19 Hopper is married and has two children. They say he's lived in the Burlington neighborhood for about four years. They describe him as quiet, but friendly.

The victims' description of their attacker is similar to the description of the so-called "Strip Mall Rapist," who has eluded Northern Kentucky investigators for 10 years. So could this arrest be a break in that case?

"We don't know, we don't know," Ariss says. "Kentucky will have to establish that."

And investigators there will do it through DNA tests.

For now, Hopper is being held in the Boone County Jail on charges of receiving stolen property. Ariss says he will likely face more charges in Ohio, in addition to the rape and robbery charges he currently faces.