Jack Weighs In Week 2

Jack Loses 25 Pounds -- and Counting! Hooray!

I'm down from a grotesque 269 pounds to a merely shameful 244 pounds... in less than a month.

Five protein shakes a day. A little meat and some veggies at night and exercise, exercise, exercise every day. Now doing more than 80 minutes on the Nordic Track (no kidding -- I could only do 10 a month ago).

The bad news: I do occasionally fall off the wagon and into the trough.

Superbowl Sunday was predictable. Other times... well, no excuse.  But the cravings really are abating with all the exercise.

The key, Dr. Pratha Atluri tells me, is to keep eating normally the next day -- don't fast, or your metabolism drops.

Thanks, everyone, for pulling for me. And keep praying for Rich.

Your pal, Jack