Police Search Hopper's Possessions For Evidence

The search warrants from the investigation of a man who assaulted two women in Warren County have been released.

Police searched Hopper's Ford Taurus and found a handgun, a roll of duct tape and bag with a scarf, ammunition and a pair of women's panties. Police also seized Hopper's laptop computer and a portable storage device that could possibly hold the signs that might help police convict him.

Hopper agreed then withdrew Hopper appeared in court on a monitor on Monday and had initially signed extradition papers to go back to Ohio to face felony assault charges and robbery charges there.

After a discussion with a public defender appointed at the last minute, Hopper was then quickly advised to withdraw his extradition agreement and the judge approved.

For now, Warren County officials will have to wait their turn at Hopper.

Report: Cliff Jenkins