February 2006: Chemical Leak At Reading Plant

Fire departments in Reading are asking other departments for help to deal with a chemical leak at the Rohm and Haas chemical plant on 2000 West Street in Reading.

Two victims are listed in critical condition for exposure to hydrogen sulfide and four others are being treated for mild exposure.  All victims were transported to University Hospital.

Air Care has arrived on the scene and has transported one person who was burned and suffered severe exposure to University Hospital.

According to University Hospital officials, two are in critical condition and two are in fair condition.  Several others were treated for mild exposure to the chemical and released.

The local Rohm and Haas plant makes chemicals which are used in PVC pipe, vinyl siding and windows.  They also produce chemicals for blister packaging and plastic bottles.  The company's headquarters are in Philadelphia, PA.

FOX19 News is on the scene and will have a full report tonight on the FOX19 News at 10 o'clock.

Report: Cliff Jenkins