Jack Weighs In Week 3

Jack Down 27 Pounds... And Counting

The good news this past week: took off another three pounds from fat.

Also exercising rigorously, and it's amazing to find how much more you can do every day if you work at it steadily. The bad news is that exercise will not make up for falling off the wagon.

I had been "celebrating" after Thursday weigh-ins by eating food not on my plan. (The plan consists of five protein shakes plus an evening meal of protein and veggies.)

The real trouble is that the Thursday celebration started stretching over Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

So my goal now is to stay on the straight and narrow each week until Sunday and then cheat in a small way before gearing up for absolute discipline again. Will let you know how that goes.

Meantime, keep sharing you stories with us here at the website.

Your pal, Jack