Mental Facility Patient Charged With Murder In Death Of Roommate

A mental facility patient sat in court Wednesday afternoon, facing charges of killing his roomate earlier in the morning.

In an emotional scene, a confused 20-year-old Edward Shuman faced a Butler County Judge this afternoon and broke down in tears in front of the court.  Sources tell FOX19 that Shuman will have a competency hearing to determine whether or not he is fit to stand trial.  Shuman's parents were also in the courtroom and tried to explain to Shuman that he was going to stay in jail until a competency hearing could be scheduled.

Shuman then attempted to be with his parents who were sitting behind the plaintiff's table and was stopped by several court bailiffs.  An emotional Shuman then tried to plea to the bailiff to let him go to his parents.

According to police, Shuman wrapped a belt around his roomate Joseph Beaudoin's neck and strangled him to death.  Employees at the hospital also say Beaudoin's suffered wounds to his face.

The two were residents of  the Fairfield Center in Butler County.

Report: Cliff Jenkins