Company Fined For Trench Violations

The Federal Government want a local company to pay damages for two construction deaths.

The Occupational Saftety and Health Administration is laying nearly 200,000 dollars in fines on Sunesis Construction of West Chester.

OSHA says they didn't take enough safety precautions at three work sites last year. OSHA found that some of the company's trenches weren't safe which, they say, led to the deaths of two workers.

"There are a number of different hazards associated with that including being struck by a collapsing wall of soil," said Dick Gilcrist, spokesman for OSHA.

Sunesis Construction was already facing$150,000 in fines for trench violations even before today's new penalties. So thats nearly 350 thousand the company might have to pay.

The federal agency says the company has 15 days to appeal.

Report: FOX19 News