Jack Weighs In Week 4

Jack Reaches a Milestone At my last weigh-in... five weeks after the first one... I've taken off 30 pounds!

Trouble is, I still have more than 30 to go, to get down to my target weight of 190. And that's going to be a lot tougher.

Jim Nichols at Club Champions is still training me three times a week. And I also do at least 40 minutes on the Nordic Track every day.

Dr. Pratha Atluri wants to start weaning me off the protein shakes. But I don't think I'm ready. Given food choices, I'll make bad choices again. (The evening meals have been easy: some protein -- meat or fish -- and green veggies).

My own advice: if you're going to cheat a little on the weekend -- and I do -- try to save your worst transgressions for Sunday.

Let us hear from you, and good luck!

Your pal, Jack