I am so proud of you guys!

Hello, I am so proud of you guys for doing as well as you are.

I work at the Cincinnati childrens hospital Anderson and Eastgate Satelite offices. We are currently doing a weight loss program that is a mix of The biggest loser and Weight watchers. (not just watching our weight go up) lol.

We have about twenty five of us that weighed in with our nutritionist Ann Rooney last week and I am not sure how everyone is doing but I lost 4.1 lbs. last week and several others have done well as well.

There is a web site that is wonderful it is Dotties weight loss zone, www.dwlz.com full of info on the local fast food restaurants and calorie counters along with recipes and just lots of good info.

Check it out. I will keep you informed of how it goes with all of us.

Keep up the good work guys!!!!