I would like to wish you good luck on your journey.

Jack & Rich,

I would like to wish you luck on your journey. At times it will be tough. It helped me to remember my goals – to be healthier, to look better and have more self confidence. If you don't remember where you are going, it's hard to get there. One year ago, I weighed 265 pounds. I also joined JKO Cincinnati , a Karate Dojo in West Chester, Ohio the same time. My cholesterol was terrible, so I was put on Lipitor. By June of last year I had made 210 pounds and I kept it there pretty good for the rest of the year (it never went above 210, but I saw 204 a few times after mowing the yard). Late last year, I gained a few holiday pounds, but I have started a new diet this past Monday and have already got down to 207 (today's morning weight). My goal is 190, but it has been so long since I have been skinny that I am just guessing. I may actually need to get down to 180, who knows…

The one issue I have is that I had help, my wife cooked for me. I had an old treadmill in the basement and Karate. You have as many resources available to you as you need. You have a fitness coach and a dietitian. While I applauded your efforts to inspire people and get in shape, I wonder if this isn't going to make some people feel more helpless than they already are. Please let everyone know that you don't need a dietitian or a personal trainer. Anyone can do this by making a few simple changes in their life.

The journey starts by educating yourself. There are tons of books on the subject. I highly recommend the South Beach Diet because it is a diet for a health heart and losing weight is a side effect. The Sonoma Diet seems to be based on most of the principles of South Beach , but gives you a different variety of foods and has a more grueling first phase (I am on day five today). There are several web sites out there on the subject. I am also sure that people will be able to pick up some tips from your experiences too. If you are thrifty, or don't have the cash to buy a book, visit your public library.

Good Luck,