Officer Suing City For Tasing

A Cincinnati Police officer who was disciplined for tasing a suspect is taking the department to court.

Last summer officer Thomas Rackley tased a man he thought was moving suspiciously after being pulled over. Other officers at the scene also yelled out the man might have a gun.

Rackley's lawyer says the department put him on desk duty, after he publicly protested their ruling he should be suspended.

"This is someone who had 42 commendations in his file," said Rackley's attorney Steven Goodin.  "Now he finds himself answering telephones, permanently.  His career there is essentially over and he literally feels he has nothing to lose."

City of Cincinnati spokesperson Meg Olberding tells FOX19, "we're at a loss as to what he thinks he's entitled to beyond the collective bargaining process."

Officer rackley has been through three hearings already and has lost all three.

He hasn't served his suspension because it remains under appeal.

Report: FOX19 News