Police Search for New Info in a Cold Case

It's been more than five years since Alana "Laney" Gwinner was murdered and her body turned up in the Ohio River. After all these years, the Butler County Sheriff's Department has not given up hope in the search for her killer. The Sheriff's Department is hoping to catch someone's eye; jog someone's memory so they can piece together what happened to Laney and put her killer behind bars.

"If there's any possible closure this is it I mean this is not the closure any of us wanted nobody hoped for this everybody hoped and prayed laney'd be alive that we would always get her back."  That's a quote from 8 years ago, when police found Laney Gwinner's body in the Ohio River near Warsaw, Kentucky.  That was more than a month after she disappeared from a bowling alley in Fairfield, Ohio.

Her friends describe her as the kind of person people notice, she was young, beautiful and full of life.  "It was probably somebody that she was a beautiful woman and saw her and wanted her as a prize and ended up getting her."  says Laney's friend Kylee Kingsley.

Now the Butler County Sheriff's Department is searching for new infomation with six billboards including her picture and a $10,000 reward to information leading to an arrest.