Rich Weighs In Week 4

"As in anything, there are times when we run into bumps along an otherwise smooth road. Losing weight, eating right and working out are going very well, but I have run into a few challenges over the past week. It's easy to want to sleep in, skip working out one day, grab some quick snacks that are unhealthy or get so busy in your daily life that you get out of your healthy routine. These are the times that we need support the most. It's mainly a mental problem, and you need discipline along with friends and family to get past it. I have never lost this much weight before, so I am new to such physical and psychological changes, but I am sure they are common among people losing significant amounts of weight. There are days when I feel a little more tired, or frustrated or more hungry and it is so tempting to go back to that which satisfied me in the past when I felt this way...and that was food. We all have different ways of handling the stresses of daily life, and most are not healthy. Some people drink, some take drugs, some smoke, and some eat. Eating is necessary, but eating too much and eating the wrong foods can be just as bad as the other vices I listed above.

In the past week I have confronted some stress and frustration with moderate success, but there was some snacking that I am not happy about. However, the 19 pound loss remains steady. Now I need to re-gain my resolve and move forward. Sometimes just a cloudy day will create mild depression, but when the next day is sunny, you feel good again. I think the combination of my birthday (which I don't usually celebrate outside of my family and a cake at home) and some sad news I learned recently, added to the stress and made this a tough week. I am doing much better now, and working as hard as ever at the gym while keeping the diet under control. Oh, for the curious, the sad news is something you will all learn soon enough. A member of the FOX19 news team, and a good friend of mine, will be leaving Cincinnati soon, and it's always tough for me to see friends leave. I can't tell you anything more, but you will know all about it soon enough, so be patient.

The sun is shining as I type this, and I know golf season is not far away, so I think I'll go have a salad and get ready for another exciting night at the TV station. Hang in there and be positive!"