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Scathing Report on Fairfield Center

The first of two state reports on February's murder of a Fairfield Center resident, rips the facility.

Monday the Department of Health released a nine page report and cited four violations from the day 50-year-old Joe Beaudoin was killed. Police arrested his roommate, 20-year-old Teddy Shuman, and charged him with strangling Beaudoin.

The report says the Fairfield Center could have done more to protect Beaudoin.

It says when Shuman was brought to the facility, he was not given a preliminary evaluation. A background check, the state says, would have given the facility a better picture of Shuman's several disabilities and his history of violence.

A history of violence Beaudoin shared. According to the report, he attacked another resident about a month before his death. The facility decided to implement a safety plan, which included a staff worker checking in on Beaudoin every 15 minutes while he was awake. But on the day he was killed, there is no documentation that he checked on.

The report goes on to say, Shuman should never have been moved into Beaudoin's room. Their ages were 30 years apart, they had very different disabilities, and both had a history of aggression; all warning signs, the report says, that they should not have been roommates. According to the report, "(Shuman) was admitted to the room with (Beaudoin) because that was the only male bed available."

In a written statement, the Fairfield Center says it disagrees with the citations, but is working with the state. It says the facility is "working diligently to address any open issues and remains committed to it's residents."

Another report, this by the Ohio Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, is expected by the end of the week. This is the agency that licenses the Fairfield Center. A spokesperson says it's unlikely the board will pull the facility's license, but will probably order it to follow a list of improvements and may subject it to more inspections.

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