Rich Weighs In Week 5

It has been another fun, but tough week for me as I struggle to get past a milestone…20 pounds. The body can be a funny thing. Once you reach a certain level of eating and exercise, your body gets used to what you're doing and "plateaus", or levels off on weight loss / gain. This can be a short-term thing or take a few weeks to get over, but either way it can frustrate most people and cause them to give up. I will not give up, but I will need to work a little harder on two areas…snacking after work and pushing myself a little harder in the gym. The problem with the shift I work is that I eat dinner around 7 PM, work until 11:30, get home near midnight and really don't get to be until almost 2 AM. The time between dinner and going to bed is nearly 7 hours, so naturally I am hungry. The trouble with eating at midnight is that I am only going to watch some TV and go to bed…so I am not burning any serious calories. It's a tough battle and I don't have all the answers yet, but I can say with pride that my snacks are healthy even if they are at 12 AM.

Working out harder is a challenge too because I already put in between 90 minutes and 2 hours at the gym three days a week. I don't think that more time working out is the answer. I think I need to be a little more intense in the time I am there. That may include running faster and longer on the treadmill, and pushing the weights a little harder. No matter what it takes, I will succeed. What's more, the golf course is calling my name and when I get out hitting the links, I will get exercise on days when I am not at the gym. I tend to eat less in the warmer weather anyway, so good times are ahead.

In the meantime, 20 pounds is nothing to be upset about, and I like the way I look and feel. Oh, and I need to thank you ladies who have been writing and telling me that I look good…it helps my ego immensely. A 24 year-old mom told me I was "hot". Now that's cool!

- Rich :)