Rich Weighs In Week 6

The word for the past two weeks is "Plateau". I have overcome the plateau, but it was tough. So what does "plateau" mean in weight loss? It refers to a time when your body gets used to the diet and exercise routine you're on and tries to balance out the changes by slowing your weight loss and storing fat. I only lost a pound during the week of March 6 th through the 10 th , but managed to drop 2 pounds from the 13 th through the 17 th , thereby overcoming my plateau. It was a little frustrating too, because I was working hard and eating right, but my body was fighting the weight loss. The way to break away from the plateau is to change your routine…something you should do every once in a while anyway. I worked out a 4 th day, added an aquatics class last week, and ate a little less for a few days, and suddenly two more pounds were gone. Now I can resume my routine, while adding some variety to avoid future plateaus. It's okay for your weight not to change if you are just "maintaining" your weight, but if you're trying to gain or lose, you need to keep pushing harder and changing your routine until you achieve your goal.

As an added bonus, my body fat has dropped from 33% to 29% in 7 weeks, which is excellent (so I am told). I am having fun, but there have been some unusual consequences of this weight-loss story. I am used to people asking me about the weather, but lately most of the questions have been about how I am losing weight. It's cool, but an unexpected change. A nice lady came up to me and my family in a new deli that opened in Mt. Washington recently. I assumed she would tell me that she watches FOX19 and make some weather comment. Instead, she asked me what I ordered and what was low-fat on the menu there. I got a good laugh out of that, and recommended the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap. You gotta love it!