Jack Weighs In Week 5

Jack Down 37 Pounds ... And counting!

The toughest challenge continues to be weekends -- actually long weekends, since I get weighed on Thursdays by Dr. Pratha Atluri at the Medical Weight Management Center in Montgomery. When I get good news I celebrate. And unfortunately, celebrating still means eating more than I'm supposed to.

The weekday meals remain protein shakes four or five times a day, along with a small meal of lean meat or fish and a veggie. Those are not a problem. And I'm still exercising at least an hour a day at home or at Club Champions in Landen. But those Thursday to Sunday weekends ... Well, I just have to do better.

This week we have a viewer telling us a remarkable story. Jennifer Outzs teaches math at CHCA Middle School. Her weight had risen to 324 pounds when Jennifer gave up on traditional diets and tried a faith-based program called Weigh Down. She now eats only when she's really hungry and stops as soon as she's full (which is a lot quicker for most of us than we realize). And when Jennifer is tempted to eat more... she prays. For those who are not religious, motivational tapes may be a good alternative -- anything that gets you wanting to be a better (and not just slimmer) person.

Keep letting me know how you're doing. Thanks so much for all the encouragement.

Your pal,