Hughes High Students Mourning The Loss Of Basketball Coach

Students, teachers and staff are mourning the loss of an anchor of Hughes High School.

Greg Mills was the boy's basketball coach as well as a community coordinator. He was an un-offical  counselor to the kids and many say a father figure. He was a success on the court leading his team to a 18-4 record but his players say he was more than that.

"He kept me from the violence of the street 'cause I was a troubled kid growing up and he talked to me a lot." said senior Adrion Graves, one of Mills' players.

Another senior, Michael Hitchens said it will be hard to go back to school, "it's going to be so hard for me to walk past his office knowing he's not going to be there."

Counselors have been at Hughes helping students deal with their loss.

A brief service for Mills will be held at the Islamic Mosque on Clifton Avenue on Tuesday afternoon at 12:30, following that he will be laid to rest at Spring Grove cemetery.

Report: Cliff Jenkins