Jack Weighs In Week 7

Jack No Longer Obese! ... Just overweight! That's based on a body mass index (BMI) measurement Dr. Pratha Atluri of the Medical Weight Management Center in Montgomery takes every week. I started out at 39 -- obese -- and am now for the first time down below 30.

As for weight, I took off another three pounds this past week and am now down 43 in all, weighing in at 227. Still shooting for under 200. It just takes patience. After all, we've only been at this two months, and the weight loss has been steady.

Still exercising at Club Champions in Landen three times a week and every day at home. Now that the weather is nice, I'll also go back to walking -- fast! -- around Sharon Woods Lake.

Thanks as always for all the encouragement. Keep sending emails. I have viewer stories coming up on gastric surgery, acupuncture and boxing for women!

Your pal, Jack