Fatal Experience Driving Simulation


It is a way teens can gain real-life exposure to the perils of impaired driving without being put at risk.  The driver wears vision impairment goggles that simulate the experience of being impaired.  A trained mentor in the front passenger seat rides along with the "impaired" student driver and up to two rear seat passengers.  The student driver experiences what it is like to operate the vehicle while "impaired".  The passengers experience what it is like to be riding with an impaired driver.

While teenage drivers are able to experience the simulation from a vantage point behind the wheel, an equally valuable lesson is afforded to backseat passengers.  The youth who are "along for the ride" soon realize the helpless position they would be put in as passengers in the car of an impaired driver.

Students under the supervision of the School Resource or School Safety Officer will be allowed to participate.  The target audiences will be high schools and colleges.

The mentor will ride in the front passenger seat to oversee the simulations.  The driver should be a licensed driver.  The driver's license will have to be presented before the person is able to drive.  Students with a learner's permit are allowed to participate as an "impaired driver" with the mentor being a licensed driver.  Drivers showing any signs of impairment (due to drugs or alcohol) will not be permitted to participate in this event.  Each student must have a permission slip signed or they will not be allowed to drive.

Each school or group experiencing the simulation will need to provide volunteers to work the event.  Their responsibilities will be to help with set-up, operation, and break down of the course.  There will also need to be someone in charge of the movement of students to insure their safety and participation.  At least one local law enforcement officer must also be at the event to help and interact with the student participants.

The simulation should be performed on a relatively flat, paved lost that is free of obstructions, with a minimum dimension of 100 x 100 feet.  The lost must be free of potholes, curb stops, light poles, trees, medians, speed bumps, guardrails, or any vehicles.

There is no cost for this on site program.  Advanced reservations are required to hold the simulation event.


1. Local law enforcement involvement
2. Program is for driving age students under 21 years.
3. All student drivers must have a valid operators license.
4. All participants must have a signed permission slip.
5. Must have workers or volunteers in charge of student movement from school to simulation.
6. Simulation cannot be held in a gymnasium.

Would you like to schedule the Fatal Experience Driving Simulation for your organization?

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