Why A Teen Driving Campaign?

Why did FOX19 decide to launch a teen driving campaign?  Very simply, the frightening statistics regarding teen driving fatalities.

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers in the United States.  The tri-state has seen a rash of teen fatalities in recent months.  How can we curtail this trend and stifle the alarming statistics?

FOX19 believes dialogue starters for parents and teens, as well as access to the resources that develop educated drivers, must be widely provided to tri-state citizens.  As a result, Street Safe Teens is launched with the help of numerous law enforcement and government agencies. 
Street Safe Teens strives to accomplish several goals:

  • Decrease the fatality rate of teen drivers in the tri-state.
  • Keep communication open between parents and teens.
  • Establish a resourceful website where families can find information on items such as driving schools, insurance options, driving statistics and more.
  • Produce thought provoking on-air segments in FOX19 News properties.
  • Develop a visible public advertising campaign addressing teen driving related issues.

Street Safe Teens will become a regular feature on the FOX19 Morning News and FOX19 Ten o'clock News.  A monthly feature will air on the second Monday of every month.  We encourage you to visit www.streetsafeteens.com often, as the information is continuously updated.

Finally, we encourage you to discuss the dangers involved with teen driving with your family.  Please, take the time to ensure your loved ones are educated, trained and safe drivers.