Barresi's Scallops Francese Appetizer Recipe

Serves 2

4 large Sea scallops
Egg wash (2 eggs,  1 Tablespoon parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and finely chopped parsley)
1 cup olive oil blend or butter flavored oil (amount depends on whether or not you want to pan fry or sauté)
Brunoise dice of fresh red pepper 1/4 red pepper)
1/2 cup flour
Large Sautee Pan

Once your  mis en place  are together put your oil in the pan and get frying...remember to get the oil hot enough to cook the scallops.  Flour the scallops then egg wash and place in skillet careful not   to splash...always place the item you are cooking  away from you  in the skillet.  Cook till golden on each side then place on tray.  Once all scallops are cooked squeeze with fresh lemon or cheat and  use the  bottle careful not to over indulge with flavor.
Place in oven to warm again...only for 5-8 minutes on 350.  Garnish with red pepper brunoise..

** Note: this can be served nestled in a bed of angel hair pasta then  Garnished with light olive oil and garlic sauce or creamy cardinale sauce