Rich Weighs In Week 8

"Remember the "plateau" I talked about in the past few weeks?

Well, this one has lasted longer than I would like, but I am not letting it get to me. In fact, I know that the main reason that my weight remained the same is because of my late-night weakness. If you have been following these blogs, you know that my biggest hurdle every day is going home after work and avoiding food.

The biggest reason I have trouble saying no is because I eat here at FOX19 around 7 PM each night. I get home by midnight, which means I have had nothing for nearly 5 hours. Once I am home I turn on my TIVO and watch my favorite shows while I wind down. I head to bed around 2 AM…and it has been 7 hours since dinner. Dieticians and other health experts will tell you that you should have a meal or snack approximately every 3 hours, so going 5 to 7 hours without food is not smart. Therefore, I should snack when I get home, right?

Well, the other side of that coin is the fact that I am going to bed shortly after I eat (within an hour or two), and that's not good. The answer is that I should snack, but snack lightly, but I feel very hungry when I get home and eat more than I should.

Considering what I just told you, it is actually impressive that I lost 24 pounds to this point and my weight has remained steady for the past few weeks. If I eat less late at night, I know I'll be dropping another 1-2 pounds each week…so that is my new goal. I need to eat less at night. It's easier said than done, but weight-loss is not an easy task. In the bigger picture, though, even when I eat more I know I am still eating healthy.

I eat more fruits and veggies than ever before, and still drink about a gallon of water each day. My body is still wondering what happened to the good old days, but that's okay. An occasional pizza, bowl of pasta or stack of pancakes is actually okay…as long as it's not a daily routine. I am having fun, I enjoy sharing with you, and I am much healthier than I was just two months ago, and that's what it's all about…"