Saved by the Belt Awards Program


New Campaign Encourages Drivers to Embrace a GOOD Habit

FRANKFORT, KY (September 8, 2005) - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is launching "Saved by the Belt", an awards program which strives to improve highway safety for all citizens of the Commonwealth.

"Seldom does a day go by without a death on our highways," Transportation Cabinet Deputy Secretary Jim Adams said.  "In more than half the cases a life could probably have been saved by simply fastening a safety belt."

The purpose of this program is to identify individuals in Kentucky whose lives have been saved, or injuries significantly reduced, because they were wearing   safety belts  at the time of the crashes .  In recognizing individuals who were "saved by the belt, " the cabinet and its safety partners hope to increase public awareness to the benefits of using safety belts, air bags and child safety seats.

"The cabinet hopes that by clearly documenting instances where safety belts have 'made a difference' this will encourage others to buckle up," added Deputy Secretary Adams.

Boyd Sigler, Transportation Cabinet Highway Safety Operations Manager,  stated, "Making a habit out of buckling up is a habit that just may save your life or the life of a friend or loved one."

"I was saved not once by my seatbelt, but twice," said Scott Price, Transportation Cabinet District Eight employee.   Scott was hit two times in one crash on KY 461 as he was traveling to Rockcastle County maintenance barn one mid-April morning.  Scott walked away from the crash with only minor injuries.  Scott is living proof that seatbelts save lives.  Scott's vehicle is on display in front of the Transportation Cabinet Office Building.

"This program further illustrates this administration's commitment to finding every possible way to save lives on our highways," said Deputy Secretary Adams.  "These people are our families, children, and friends."

Last October, Governor Fletcher officially announced the formation of the Governor's Executive Committee on  Highway  Safety.  During Kentucky's Lifesavers Conference in April, Governor Fletcher announced that  the   Executive  Committee on h Highway  Safety will be "one voice" behind all of Kentucky's highway safety initiatives.

Deputy Secretary Jim Adams is chair of the Governor's committee.  The committee is charged with finding ways to reduce the number of highway fatalities and injuries and to help provide a safe and reliable transportation system for all Kentuckians.

If you have been saved by the belt, you can access the guidelines and nomination form at