Woman's Quick Thinking Foils Hebron Robbery

Quick thinking by a woman who was filling up her car at a Hebron store Thursday morning helped police capture her would-be robber.

Police say that Lou Dyer, 52, was pumping gas at the Hebron UDF when 25 year old Delber Honaker threatened Dyer saying he had a gun and demanded money saying he would blow her head off.

Honaker openend the rear door of Dyer's Hyundai and leaned into the car stretching from the back seat to the front to grab Dyer's purse on the front seat.  Dyer quickly lept out of the car and pinned Honaker's legs by closing the opened rear door on them.  Dyer then screamed for help.

Two men, Samuel Simpson of Monroe and Dwight Tipton of Florence, came to the aid of Dyer and pulled Honaker from the car and pinned him on the ground until police arrived.

Honaker has been charged with 1st degree robbery and if convicted could spend 20 years in jail.

Report: Cliff Jenkins