Jack Weighs In Week 9


Gotta admit, this makes me proud.

Rich and I have now been at it three months, and we haven't slackened off the pace. Six pounds last week alone -- and Dr. Pratha Atluri at the Medical Weight Management Center in Montgomery is actually a little worried that I'm too gung ho.

She's urging me to substitute real (good) food for the protein shakes and puddings that have been the bulk of my diet. Dark green veggies are fine -- you can eat as many of those as you like. And she wants me to include more fruit.

I've been extra diet and exercise conscious (at Club Champions in Landen and at home) because a family reunion's coming up next week back in New Jersey. It will be a challenge to keep up the usual exercise routine -- but for that I'll bring along running shoes and a rubber exercise rope -- and a challenge not to overeat. Will report back to you.

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