Teens Against Distracted Driving....A Teenage Safe Driving Course

The Alexandria Police Department offers a Teenage Safe Driving Course, in partnership with Liberty Mutual Insurance, Bishop Brossart High School, Campbell Co. High School, and the Alexandria Businessmen's Association.

  • The target audience of this program are new drivers.  Those with their full license (not permit or "temps") who have been driving with full privileges less than one year. (Typically, high school juniors)  Although this is the target audience, the class is open to any teen wishing to take the course if it is not full.
  • The program is offered free of charge to all participants.
  • The program focuses on distracted driving, (eating, cell phone use, talking with occupants, operating radio/cd player, etc. all while driving) the effects of drug and alcohol use, traffic laws, and seat belt usage.  Additional focus is placed on the operation of the vehicle:  Off-road recovery, collision avoidance, and backing.
  • The course begins with classroom presentations of focused discussions on drinking and driving, (and being apprehended for same..) using seat belts, and much more.  The classroom portion also features a driving "simulator", to physically test the students ability to "drive" a car while being distracted by the many variables noted above.
  • The class finishes with a short portion of classroom work, then it's off to the driving course.  Students have the opportunity to complete three road courses, presented by police certified driving instructors, using a "retired" police cruiser.

Coures applications are available Click Here  and can be mailed to:

Alexandria KY Police Dept.
8236 West Main St.
Alexandria, KY  41001 


FAX (859) 635-4123.