Former Red Arrested For Outburst At Courthouse

Former Red Ron Oester spent some of Thursday night behind bars.

Highland Heights police arrested the former player and coach for what police say was beligerent behavior outside the Campbell County Courthouse.

Oester was apparently at the courthouse with his daughter who was found guilty in a traffic case. As soon as court let out, police say Oester confronted officers in the parking lot. He was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Police say that Oester yelled obscenities at the officers and was physically flailing about.

The officers tried to get Oester, who was know for his firey temperment on the field, to calm down after his actions drew a crowd. The officers finally arrested him.

Oester, who played with the Reds from 1978 to 1990, bonded out of jail just before eight on Thursday night.

The commanding supervisor said that he was given orders to let Oester, who turns 50 next week, out of jail through a side door to avoid the media that was waiting outside for him.

He will return to the scene of his arrest soon to face charges of his disorderly conduct.

Report: Chris Shaw

For the web: Cliff Jenkins