Burglars Assault and Elderly Woman and Steal her Poodle

(Crosby Township, OH)-- Just after 8:00 a.m. Friday morning two burglars broke into the home of Shirley and James Pierce Sr.. They busted down two doors and held a shotgun to 71 year old Shirley Pierce's head threatening to kill her if she didn't give them money. Pierce had no money to give and when their alarm system went off again the two men took off with her 8 month old toy poodle, Annabelle.

The two men took off into the woods and left Annabelle. She returned home safe and unharmed early Friday afternoon.

Shirley Pierce's son Donald says after this he will move in with his parents after this incident. His mother is suffering from a laceration to her arm and a bruise on her back the size of a football. But, the emotional damage she has suffered is permanent.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Department is searching for two white men who may be driving a red Pontiac Sunfire. If you have any information call Crime Stoppers (513)352-3040.