Rich Weighs In Week 12

Never give up! I have been at this since late January, and here we are in May…over 3 months since it all began…and the benefits of working out and eating right are paying dividends. You already know that I am swimming in some of my clothes, well now I feel as if I fit right in with some of the younger kids with baggy shorts and t-shirts. It's a great feeling, and it's nice to know that I am no longer wearing loose clothes to cover the extra bulges. Beyond that, the new lifestyle has affected another passion of mine…golf! I played twice in the past two weeks, and my swing has never been stronger or more controlled. It's quite a feeling to have that kind of confidence. Is every shot perfect? Of course not. However, the bad shots are not as bad, and the good shots are unbelievable. I now know that with proper swing mechanics, the ball will go where I want it to go. In the past I dealt with fatigue, both from swinging the club so much and from hours on the golf course in the summer heat. Recently I walked during both rounds of golf, and at no point did I feel tired at all. When you know your muscles will respond, it's so much easier to be consistent, and in golf, consistency is everything. While the original purpose of the weight-loss challenge was to simply lose weight and improve my overall health, there are many side benefits along the way that you may not think about until they're right in front of you. I was hoping to play better golf, but I wasn't sure my game would change much until I actually hit the links.

In your life, you may not play golf, or any other sport for that matter, but just a walk in the park is so much more enjoyable when you're carrying less fat, and putting less strain on your heart. Now that we're in the warm season, it's time to get outside and have some fun…and lose weight while you're at it!