Jack Weighs In Week 12


ack Bounces Back From Vacation

While away I managed not to gain weight, and now this past week I've lost another six pounds -- making the total loss since January 16... 56 pounds in all!

It was important to find that I could binge while away but then get back on the wagon. The key was to keep exercising at least a little and to realize that I no longer enjoy overeating -- at least not constantly.

The advice from Dr. Atluri of the Medical Weight Management Center in Montgomery this week is to keep chugging water -- not diet soda (filled with chemicals) or fruit juice (filled with sugar) -- but water, at least eight glasses a day. And Jim Nichols, my trainer at Club Champions in Landen, emphasizes working out the entire body. Men often neglect strength training for their legs. Women are often afraid to exercise their upper bodies, thinking it will reduce their bust, but Jim says just the opposite is true.

Keep up the good work, and let me hear from you.

Your pal,