Woman Shot In Face By Husband In Hamilton

Neighbors of Paula and Gary Rogers say that she was nice and he was mean.  However they are not sure whether today's shooting was the result of a domestic dispute or not.

At around 11 this morning, Aircare was called from Cincinnati to the Rogers' home in the 100 block of Franklin Street in Hamilton for a report of someone shot in the face.  When police arrived, Paula Rogers' face had been pierced by a bullet and her husband was covered in blood.

Gary Rogers, who is in police custody pending further questioning, maintains that the shooting was accidental.  He has not been charged but police are investigating the Roger's home for clues that might give them more information on the shooting.

Neighbors say that Paula Rogers was nice and that Gary Rogers was mean.  They say that the two would get into arguments in their Hamilton home.

Sources say that Paula was heard saying that she loved him as she was being carried out of the home.

We will have more information on this story tonight on the FOX19 Ten O'clock News.

Report: FOX19 News