City Council Drills City Manager Candidate

For three hours Wednesday afternoon Cincinnati City Council members drilled Milton Dohoney Jr. with questions in an unprecedented public interview.

Dohoney is Mayor Mark Mallory's choice for city manager but city council remains divided.  Councilmen Thomas, Crowley, Cranley, and Monzel are in support of Dohoney.  But Council people Tarbell, Ghiz, Bortz, and Berding do not think he is the man for the job.  The swing vote is Councilwoman Laketa Cole who said after Wednesday's interview session that she is still "not sold."

Mayor Mark Mallory is calling for  a vote on Wednesday, however Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell is scheduled to be out of town for that vote.  Both Cole and Ghiz say they hope that the Mayor will delay the vote until a full council can be in town to approve or not approve Dohoney as the city's next manager.