Jury Selection Begins In Howard Beatty Trial

A high profile murder trial is expected to start today in Hamilton County.

Jury selection is the first phase in the murder trial of Howard Beatty.

Beatty is accused of the April shooting death of political activist Kabaka Oba just outside of city hall in April. Oba had just finished speaking in front of city council when he walked out of city hall and crossed the street to get into his car.

Security cameras mounted on light poles observed a car then stopping next to Oba's green Ford Mustang. The Cincinnati city council meeting cameras inside of chambers then caught the sound of six shots being fired during the meeting and then Mayor Mallory hastily calling for an end to council that day.

The Cincinnati Post has reported that Beatty's attorney, Ken Lawson, plans to argue that the charge against Beatty should be manslaughter, not murder.

Prosecutors say that the shooting was pre-meditated and that the survelliance video proves it.

FOX19 News has a crew at the trial and will bring you the latest as it becomes available.

Report: FOX19 News