Cincinnati Police Bust Drug Ring Across From Aronoff Center

(CINCINNATI) --  Cincinnati Police made a big drug bust this morning at a downtown apartment complex across from the Aronoff Center.  They arrested six people are still looking for four more.

Police say the bust is culmination of year and a half investigation into the Metropole Apartments.  They say the building accounts for fifty-one percent of the 9-1-1 calls for service in a two block radius of downtown over the past few months.

"This place is a drag on society," said Chief Tom Streicher.   "The management says they don't care about the city of Cincinnati.  Let's give'em something to care about. That's what I say and that's what we're doing."

Chief Streicher says the department has attempted to contact the management numerous times with no success.

Ten people were targeted for arrest, with police nabbing 6 of those, plus three others on drug, prostitution, and gun charges.

One man, who identified himself as the on-site property manager, had no comment on today's arrests.

However, residents of the building are breathing a sigh of relief.

"I just hope this is a start.  Everyone wants to be safe, wants to feel safe," said Paris Boller.

And Cincinnati Police have vowed not to let up until the Metropole is transformed.  Either by the management or police.

"They're not good corporate citizens and they're the types of people that need to be run out of town," said Streicher.

Reporter: Corey McConnell

Online producer: Roger Seay