Bengals Player In Court For Resisting Arrest

Yet another Cincinnati Bengals player is facing charges that is adding to an already tumultuous off season for an organization concerned about their image.

Defensive Tackle Matthias Askew has been charged with Obstructing Justice and Resisting Arrest. Police say that on Saturday, an officer told Askew that he was going to give him a parking ticket and instructed him to move his car from the sidewalk.

According to police, the 6'5", 300 pound Askew ignored police and attempted to drive away. When the officer tried cuffing the lineman, he physically struggled forcing officers to us a stun gun on him.

Askew is out of jail and will be in court today to face those charges.

Askew was drafted out of Michigan State and has played only a handful of game.

Report: FOX19 News