Estranged Husband Indicted In Blue Ash Murder

Ryan Dieterle (courtesy: Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept.)
Ryan Dieterle (courtesy: Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept.)

A Hamilton County Grand Jury has indicted a man who initially violated a protective order of killing his wife in her Blue Ash apartment.

Ryan Dieterle has been charged with murder and now faces the death penalty.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said that Dieterle entered the apartment of 26-year-old Michelle Dieterle in the 3700 block of Fox Run Drive.  According to Deters, he then climbed three balconies to her third floor apartment and confronted her.

Police who were at the scene on June 28th say that a boyfriend was at the apartment when Ryan Dieterle arrived and left the scene.

Deters said that after he broke into the apartment, he raped her and then stabbed her to death.

Ironically, another person who attacked Dieterle in an unreleated crime is in court today.  Tyrone Franklin has a competency hearing in his trial.  Franklin is accused of kidnapping and raping the Jobs and Family Services employee from a downtown parking lot as she was going to work on December 5th of last year.

Of the two cases Deters said in a statement, "To think this poor woman went through all of this ina six month period is mind-boggling."

Dieterle is being held on 1.1 million dollars bond.

Report: Cliff Jenkins