No Clues In Missing Three Year Old Marcus Fiesel

(ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Oh.) -- Hamilton County Sheriff Deputies has scaled back their search for a missing three year old who disappeared on Tuesday.  However, they will keep an officer at Juilfs Park for the forseable future.

There have been no sightings of the child or even evidence that Marcus was in the park.

A search of foster parents David and Liz Carroll's home found nothing, according to police.  They also said that search dogs found no trail.

Marcus Fiesel was with his foster mother in Juilfs Park when she passed out Tuesday just after 1P-M.  Liz Carroll was revived within ten minutes and noticed that Marcus was missing.

Marcus was one of four child with her at the park.

Liz remains hospitalized with a heart condition.

A code red alert was issued for Anderson Township.  Its a program to notify residents in case of an emergency - such as a missing child.  Thousands of volunteers showed up at Juilfs Park to help search for Marcus.

An organized search party scoured Anderson Township thru the night Tuesday and until late afternoon Wednesday.  Police say they searched an area 5 miles around the park several times and found nothing.

Sheriff Department spokesman Steve Barnett said there was nothing sinister about the search of the house or the questioning of the parents.  He did say it was unsual that no one saw the child.

On Tuesday, they were still asking for anyone who saw the child at the park at all to call the police.

Marcus is described as 36 inches tall.  He has brown hair and blue eyes.  He was last wearing a red shirt, black shorts and sandals.

If you have any clue to the whereabouts of Marcus Feisel please call 9-1-1 or Crimestoppers at 352-3050.