Agency Under Investigation After Disappearance Of Marcus

Three year old Marcus Fiesel, who had been missing for a week was placed into foster care by a private company.  Now Butler County officials say that they are investigating that company.

Companies like Lifeway for Youth are used often to find suitable homes for children.  But now investigators are removing children that Lifeway for Youth has placed into foster care including Marcus' biological brother and sister.

Butler County Children's Services has opened an investigation on Lifeway for Youth.  The County is looking into how the agency screens potential foster parents.   Lifeway is required by state law to follow guidelines for placing children in foster care.

Since Friday, eight children, placed by Lifeway Services, have been removed from foster homes and the county said that more will be removed in the coming days.  However they were not specific with who and how many are scheduled to be removed.

Lifeway had no comment regarding the investigation.

According to Lifeway's website, more than 600 children have been placed into foster care since 1994 with foster parents earning 30 dollars a day for taking in a child.

Foster parent Victor Delomas tells FOX19 News that Children's Services has alerted him that the children he cares for will be removed.  That probably hits Delomas harder than usual because he is caring for Marcus Fiesel's older brother and younger sister.

Delomas said that he hasn't told the siblings of their bother's disappearance and fears how they will react after they hear the news from a stranger.

"It hurts," said Delomas.  "Losing our kids, that's what hurts us.  Because we got attached to them.  it hurts us big time."

Delomas admits he was tickted last month for driving without putting his one year old foster daughter in a car seat.

The County will not specify if the ticket is the reason that the children are being removed but it is saying that all eight that have been removed so far have been placed in new foster homes that the county has selected.

Report: Chris Shaw

Web Producer: Cliff Jenkins