Foster Mother Makes Public Plea For Marcus

Dressed like she was the day three year old Marcus Fiesel disappeared, Liz Carroll hopes that her outfit might jog someone's memory and help police find the boy.

Carroll, the foster mother of Fiesel, stood before the collected news media to plea to the Tri-State to help try to pry some ounce of information about where Marcus might be.

"I'm asking that anybody that saw me with my kids, or saw me or saw Marcus, to please contact the authorities," said Carroll in the spot where she passed out and she said Marcus disappeared.

Carroll is also sharing new pictures of Marcus hoping that this too might jog someone's memory who might have seen him over a week ago either leave or worse, being taken away from the park.

Carroll said that it wouldn't be hard for people to remember her at the playground that day, "I was the only adult on the playground."

Although not suspects in the case, Liz Carroll and her husband David have been the center of some scrutiny as the investigation into Marcus' disappearance turned toward them. David has taken a lie detector test that police said he failed according to Carroll so she asked for someone to step forward to help prove her story that she was there. Carroll said the day that Marcus disappeared, she was playing with her four children in Julifs Park. When she came to, Marcus was missing and no one seemed to know what happened to him. Except her two year old foster child who pointed in the direction where Marcus was last seen traveling in.

Investigators say that they still have not found anyone who saw Marcus in the park. The last time an non-family member saw the foster child was five days prior to his disappearance.

Carroll remembered that there were several people at the park that day and she described where they were. "there was a man running up from the baseball fields," she said. "there was a lady that was watching them with blonde hair and waved to us."

Investigators have been unable to find any of those people.

Liz Carroll said what matters most is how much she loves Marcus and misses him. Although a foster child, Carroll called Marcus hers and said, "it is extremely difficult to deal with waking up every morning and not having my son run to me."

Report: FOX19 News